Freedom with Food

Many nutrition professionals are educated and teach guidelines geared for success with food. We at CAN work towards not only success, but FREEDOM with food. We do not teach people how to increase rigidity and obsession with food- for example how many grams of this and how many servings of that per day. And we don’t teach about limits and guidelines of calories. We work WITH the client to find how to listen to their body- how to eat what the body needs and enjoys. There is fluidity and imperfection with our food- And CAN will help you find a relationship with food that is more about yes than no…

No Diets

You may have heard of Paleo diet, vegan, zone, grapefruit, cabbage and even a baby food diet. At CAN, we will never adhere to one particular diet. Though each of these approaches to food may work for some people, every “body” is different. Each person has their own specific nutrient needs and preferences. We learn a bit from each of these diets, but always return to what makes sense for each client and each facility. At CAN, we help you through assessment and skills training to find out what foods are right for you.

Food Intolerances  / Allergies are Real

Today’s press is spending a great deal of time on whether or not the gluten free craze is a lot of hype. CAN believes that food intolerances and allergies are VERY real and can have VERY real effects on our digestion, mood and cravings. Though we are not against any food for ALL people, we are always aware of how particular foods may be negatively impacting our clients.

Mood and food

Food and mood go hand in hand. Many of us can think back to a time when we felt angry or lonely or joyful- and there were particular foods that we craved. Emotions can impact our food choices in positive and negative ways. Also we can make choices in our foods to increase our positive feelings or tolerate the more the challenging ones like anxiety and depression. CAN teaches our clients how to use specific foods to help combat negative feeling and increase joy and peace.

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