Juicing vs. Blending

Juicing has long been touted as a healthy way to detoxify and to quickly absorb nutrients. This is very true and I have been juicing my way through literally thousands of pounds of carrots and hundreds of leaves of kale. Juicing has one major downfall however. All the fiber from the veggies and fruits you are juicing get left behind. While my garden appreciates the compost, I have always thought that it was a waste of fiber and nutrients.  Not having the fiber in the juice can also cause a spike in blood sugar which is challenging for mood as well cravings.


So I have been researching smoothies made in the blender. These "green drinks" or smoothies are full of the fiber from the vegetables and are just as tasty. Recently I bought my dream kitchen appliance- a Vitamix. For those who are unfamiliar with the Vitamix it is the King of the kitchen. It is a blender/juicer/food processor. The blades are so powerful that it can turn your veggies into juice, but leaving all the pulp and nutrients in. It also is great as a food processor. When left on high for about 5-6 minutes, it even heats up your food, so homemade soups are ready in a flash. Another great aspect about this system is clean up. All you need to do after making a smoothie is to add a drop of dish soap, some warm water and turn it on! Rinse and ready to go for the next smoothie! Downside? In one large glass, I only get three carrots, ½ a beet, ½ an apple. And the price? Outrageous.

Juicing- My old Champion juicer could be used as a boat anchor for a cruise ship it is so heavy and indestructible. It has gotten us through sicknesses and is now helping us fight cancer. It grinds up so many carrots and veggies into delicious juice. I can drink the equivalent of 10 carrots and 5 leaves of kale and an entire apple in one cup. However it leaves out the fiber and is a bear to clean up.

Final vote? Both are good for you! Both have advantages and disadvantages. So I leave it up to you, and I will continue to share some of the recipes that work (and will let you know of some of the goopy disasters too!)

Here's where to find a Vitamix: www.vitamix.com

A more affordable blender is the Ninja. Works much like the Vitamix but not quite as powerful: http://www.ninjakitchen.com/Ninja-NJ600-Professional-Blender.shtml.

The Champion juicer can be found at: www.championjuicer.com

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