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Why Eating Disorders & Addiction Are Inseparable

by Victoria Abel, MA, MNT, CAN

Research suggests that 50 percent of people who have an eating disorder are also abusing alcohol and/or drugs.

When behavioral addictions like drug and alcohol are pulled away, many recovering addicts may turn to an eating disorder to feel that sense of control and ability to punish themselves, or as an escaping mechanism.

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New cancer treatment team comes to Prescott

Victoria Abel, Newton Bunce, Dr. Susan Godman and Dr. Robert Zieve are the principals in the Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies on South Montezuma Street in Tom Scanlon
The Daily Courier

Prepare to be shocked - maybe even outraged - as here is what Dr. Robert Zieve often tells a patient who recently was diagnosed with cancer:

"This is the best thing that could have happened to you. It's going to change your life."

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Off the Drugs, Onto the Cupcakes

A New York Times Article featuring Victoria Abel of the Center for Addiction Nutrition
by Abby Ellin

Rodney Zimmers was 21 years old and 135 pounds when he got off heroin and cocaine for good. Three years later, he was still drug free but had ballooned to 250. He blames his weight gain on the high-calorie, high-sugar food served in rehabilitation.

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Nourish the Addict’s Body

A whole foods diet and supplements can serve as an important link to long-term wellness.
by Victoria Abel, MA, MNT

In the addiction treatment field, even the most widely accepted methods of treatment can result in a relapse rate of over 85% when used alone, with no adjunctive services. Treating the body as a whole, rather than just treating the disease, can increase an addict’s chances at not only recovery, but also a healthy life.

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